Bible says: it bites like a snake

Water-to-wine miracle: NO REASON to assume it’s alcoholic

All or Nothing - Bottle or Christ NOT: how much can I get away with, yet perhaps be saved? RATHER: how much can I please the Lord in every way?

Lord’s Supper - 9 advantages of unfermented grape juice

Ancient Wines - some not even mildly intoxicating Was it really alcohol that purified water? Does chemistry give a different perspective?

Bible says about drinking alcohol: it bites like a snake

Deut. 14:26 Shekhar - sweet drink or strong drink?

Alcohol - What is Use? What is Abuse?

Terrorists who drink alcohol

Temperance Bible-Commentary Dr. F.R. Lees & Rev. D. Burns

‘...drunkenness, revelries, and the like... Brethren, if a man is overtaken in any trespass, you who are spiritual restore such a one in a spirit of gentleness, considering yourself lest you also be tempted.’ (Gal. 5:21;6:1) Dare you patronisingly say, ‘I’m not like those big drinkers.’ ‘I can drink some.’ ‘I can handle it’? Your patronising excuses are prideful not spiritual.

‘...let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which so easily ensnares us...’ (Heb. 12:1)

Salvation Army vs. drink

Alcoholics helped & prevented by Salvation Army requiring total abstinence

Salvation Army refrains from Social Drinking (1990 statement)

Catherine Booth - ‘Away with the DRINK!’

Catherine Booth - ‘the drink itself is an evil thing’

Gen. William Booth - drinking ‘not safe for ... anybody’

History Salvation Army vs. Skeleton Army & romance of William and Catherine

Was alcohol why Salvation Army quit both sacraments? Not exactly

Catholics vs. drink

Anglicans vs. drink

Mr. Eternity: alcoholic converted because Christians UNLIKE him Arthur Stace, St. Barnabas Anglican Church, Sydney

Presbyterians vs. drink

Baptists vs. drink

Southern Baptist Convention - Resolution on Alcohol (2006)

Charles H. Spurgeon - Everybody become abstainers

Wesleyans vs. drink

John Wesley - Word to a Drunkard & God’s curse against liquor-sellers

John Wesley - I am not half legalistic enough

Phoebe Palmer - This evil in the church mother of holiness movement

Australian Wesleyan Methodist national conference 1997 & WMC 1842 total abstinence

Duty to denounce alcohol: ‘by forces, both moral and legal’ Adam Crooks, Wesleyan Methodist Church 1870

Thomas Welch’s juice

Adventists vs. drink

Australia: Aventists call to raise the legal drinking age (2010)

Nazarenes vs. drink

No Drinking: Church of the Nazarene members (2013)

Fathers & Mothers ‘Even One Drink’

Mothers: ‘Even one drink risks the health of an unborn baby’ American Academy of Pediatrics & NOFAS

Fathers-to-be stop using alcohol ‘At least three months before’

The Danger of “moderation”

Brain Damage - by little alcohol: brain damaged even people who ‘seem normal’

Reduced Abilities - long after drinking!: danger even when not still found in blood

George Foreman - how I quit drinking: violence against best friend, forgotten

Heart Disease - alcohol’s benefits debunked: heart researchers review findings

Breast Cancer - misleading reports of ‘safe’ drinking

Seven Bogus Remedies! Alcohol BAD for what ails you

Moderation Management founder charged with vehicular manslaughter now can see: ‘moderation management is nothing but alcoholics covering up their problem.’

Complete Alcohol Ban

Success: complete alcohol ban (violence down, school attendance up, children fed)

The Fence or the Ambulance


Kava Drinking: serving a holy God yet practising a dirty habit Fijian chief rebukes church