66% of Israel uses grape juice for Passover meal – survey

“According to the findings, 69% of women prefer to drink grape juice, compared to only 59% of men.”

“The religious are the biggest consumers of grape juice – 85% of them drink grape juice on Seder night, compared to only 57% of the secular.”

“According to the survey [in Israel], in which about 500 respondents aged 18 and over participated”

Consumer, 25 Mar. 2022, “Survey: 66% of the population drinks grape juice on Seder night” (Hebrew article auto-translated to English.)

Comment: sometimes we are pompously told that Jews always (or nearly always) use alcohol for Passover. Well, well, it seems not!

What is sometimes called the “Feast of Unleavened Bread” is more literally the “Feast of Unleavened Things.” In Hebrew terminology, the word for leaven chametz / chometz (same consonantal word) would mean allowing no “fermented wine” (Numbers 6:3) just as it means allowing no “leavened/fermented bread”. This implies alcoholic wine should be excluded from the feast (Exodus 12)! Karaite Jews (at least) do compare Numbers 6:3 with Exodus 12 and they conclude that alcoholic wine is improper for Passover.

Fact Check: I found no Old Testament verse that commands {yayin} “wine,” nor even mentions the fruit of the vine, for the Passover seder meal.

Yeast, fermentation, excluded from offerings on the altar (Leviticus 2:11)
Jesus no drinker at Last Supper nor at Calvary
The advantages of unfermented grape juice for the Lord’s Supper

Likewise many Jews in America also use grape juice for Passover, not alcohol

Therefore grape juice producers like Kedem and Welch’s have noticed the huge market potential – selling grape juice to Jewish buyers.
See “The Grape Juice Wars of Passover” in The New York Times, 7 Apr. 2017, p. 4.

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