Francis Asbury: lay aside alcohol

Francis Asbury

“I have had one thought about our citizens in general. I wish they would lay aside the use of wine and strong drink in general. God would suddenly and certainly work. I am determined not to go out of my way on that matter for five hundred presidents and all the bishops in the world. I am sincerely thine.”

(Francis Asbury, 30 Dec. 1802, Letter to George Robert, Pastor of Light Street Church in Baltimore)

In 1784 John Wesley commissioned Francis Asbury to establish the Methodist Church in America.

Word to a Drunkard & John Wesley on alcohol

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Word to a Drunkard by John Wesley

John Wesley

1. Are you a man? God made you a man; but you make yourself a beast. Wherein does a man differ from a beast? Is it not chiefly in reason and understanding? But you throw away what reason you have. You strip yourself of your understanding. You do all you can to make yourself a mere beast; not a fool, not a madman only, but a swine, a poor filthy swine. Go and wallow with them in the mire! Go, drink on, till thy nakedness be uncovered, and shameful spewing be on thy glory! [Hab. 2:16] Continue reading “Word to a Drunkard & John Wesley on alcohol”