Catholic Church vs Alcohol

Bernard Tolomeo (1272-1348)

Tolomeo founded the Olivetan order of Benedictine monks. A late critic asserts: ‘They were also fanatical total abstainers … vineyards were rooted up and the wine-presses and vessels destroyed.’

Olivetans, Catholic Encyclopedia.

Benedict himself (480-543) had noted that in earlier times it was ‘not at all proper’ for monks to drink. Still he said abstainers ‘will have their special reward’.

Rule of St. Benedict, Ch. 40.

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The advantages of unfermented grape juice for the Lord’s Supper

Caution with the vague term ‘wine’ in communion service

A minister today needs caution when using unfermented grape juice and simply calling it ‘wine’ during a communion service. Participants may become confused, unless it is specifically stated that it is not the fermented type. They may know the term ‘wine’ is variously understood by different Christians (more so than other terms). Whatever the meanings of ‘wine’ – the Holy Bible itself does not use this particular term ‘wine’ (oinos) in reference to the Lord’s Supper. In every case, the Gospels only say ‘the fruit of the vine’ or ‘the cup’ (Matt. 26:27-29; Mark 14:23-24; Luke 22:17-18,20). Continue reading “The advantages of unfermented grape juice for the Lord’s Supper”