Teen Challenge Qld calls for drinking age to be raised to 21

“the Queensland based rehabilitation organisation sees the problem as being a result of deeper fundamental cultural issue that won’t and can’t be solved by treating the symptoms…”
“The organisations Executive Director, Joanne Hobbs, believes the most impactful way we can see a change in this culture is to include raising the drinking age to 21 as part of this strategy, and fears that if this doesn’t happen, the cost to our nation will be great.”
“Education, access to the right services and restricting alcohol promotion are all fantastic initiatives but without a hard lined approach to the drinking age, Teen Challenge Qld fears its services will be needed more, and more.”

(Teen Challenge Queensland Media Statement Issued 11 Nov. 2014)

Note: Old men must set the example of neephalism – teetotalism. Old men Noah and Lot got into problems because of the cruel drink. Old men must be blameless, and old women likewise; young men must be blameless, and young women likewise.

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