Survey shows increasing support for increasing drinking age

“According to the National Drug Strategy Household Survey, support for raising the legal drinking age to 21 years has increased from around 41 per cent in 2004 to 50 per cent in 2010.”

(Australian Medical Association, 21 Oct. 2013, No Drinks Before 21: Call For Debate)

2010 National Drug Strategy Household Survey Report, Table 13.4, p. 174

Seeing this survey in 2010, the Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd appeared supportive of calls to increase the minimum age to 21 though other parties have made it official policy.

ABC News, 9 Feb. 2010, Rudd wants drinking age lifted to 21

“In WA, 64 per cent were for the limit to be increased and 36 per cent against. In NSW and Queensland, more than 66 per cent of online voters were on Kevin’s more teetotal team.”
“Many readers who backed an older age limit said it would reduce booze-soaked violence, decrease binge drinking and cut the national road toll.”
(PerthNow, 9 Feb. 2010, Increase drinking age to 21, say News web readers)

Note: Old men must set the example of neephalism – teetotalism. Old men Noah and Lot got into problems because of the cruel drink. Old men must be blameless, and old women likewise; young men must be blameless, and young women likewise.

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