Isaiah 25:6 “banquet of preserved things” in Young’s Literal Translation

Isaiah 25:6 in Young’s Literal Translation does not include the word wine at all – because this verse in Hebrew does not say yayin (wine). YLT renders shemarim as “preserved things.” “And made hath Jehovah of Hosts, For all the peoples in this mount, A banquet of fat things, a banquet of preserved things, Fat things full of marrow, preserved things refined.” (Young’s Literal Translation)

Reynolds observed judiciously in Isaiah 25:6, “…the first time shemarim is used there is no word wines found to justify the KJV’s rendering wine on the lees. There is no word aged found to justify the NIV’s rendering aged wine.” (Stephen M. Reynolds, 2003, The Biblical Approach to Alcohol, p. 68).

Interestingly, Reynolds also noted that Martin Luther “… translated the last two words of verse 6, shemarim mezuqqaqim as the German equivalent of wine without yeast … [even though that translator himself] was not an abstainer…” (Reynolds, p. 69-70)

Isaiah 25:6 – In which there is no yeast: “… Wein, darin keine Hefe ist.” (Jesaja 25:6 in Martin Luther’s German Bible, 1545).

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