Election: Australian Christians WA helpful alcohol policies

  • “Australian Christians will introduce legislation to increase the drinking age to 21. Alcohol is a gateway drug.”
  • “Australian Christians will introduce an Alcoholic Beverages Advertising Prohibition Bill in WA.”
  • “Australian Christians will introduce an amendment to the Liquor Act to restrict extended trading hours by hotels and liquor stores, and increase the penalties for selling alcohol to under aged or intoxicated people.”
  • “Australian Christians will work to increase the penalties for drink driving offences, particularly for repeat offenders.”

Australian Christian Lobby asks political parties their alcohol policies for 2013 West Australian Election. (Source: WA Votes, Justice, 3. Alcohol Abuse)

“An inquiry into the impact of Western Australia’s booze culture has sparked calls for Australia’s legal drinking age to be raised to 21.

A West Australian parliamentary committee investigating alcohol and illicit drug problems has urged the state to raise the drinking age and increase the price of alcohol.”
(Sarah Collerton, 24 Jun. 2011, Should Australia’s legal drinking age be 21?, ABC News.)

Note: Old men must set the example of neephalism – teetotalism. Old men Noah and Lot got into problems because of the cruel drink. Old men must be blameless, and old women likewise; young men must be blameless, and young women likewise.

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