Flight attendants outraged by resumed alcohol sales at Southwest Airlines

Southwest had postponed serving alcohol due to the spike in unruly passengers.

“More than ever, flight attendants have been dealing with unruly passengers fighting against mask mandates, and now, they’re saying enough is enough.”

“Southwest flight attendants are ‘outraged’ after the airline announced on Thursday that it is planning to resume on-board alcohol sales…

The airline had postponed the return of alcohol sales in late May, citing the uptick in unruly passenger incidents.

The decision to pause alcohol sales came less than a week after a Southwest flight attendant got her two front teeth knocked out by an unruly passenger on a flight from Sacramento to San Diego.

85% of flight attendants have dealt with an unruly passenger in 2021: Survey.

‘It tops the chart of the most egregious things I’ve ever heard of,’ Lyn Montgomery, a spokesperson for the union that represents Southwest flight attendants, told ABC News at the time. ‘It’s unbelievable and really hard to understand the level of aggression that has been exhibited towards our flight crews.’

Montgomery said that many flight attendants felt ‘leery about beginning to sell alcohol onboard the aircraft again because alcohol always intensifies an event.’

The union says it still feels it is too soon to begin serving alcohol again eight months later….

The Federal Aviation Administration has seen a record spike in unruly behavior on board since the start of 2021. The agency’s investigations into the surge in aggressive behavior on-board has shown that alcohol is often a contributing factor.

In July, the FAA urged airport bars and restaurants to stop serving alcoholic drinks to go…”

Abridged quotes from article: Mina Kaji, “Flight attendants outraged at Southwest’s decision to resume alcohol sales”, ABC News, 5 Feb. 2022.

Comment: Flight attendants know that removing alcohol from flights and airports will always improve the safety of passengers and staff. The prevention of alcohol-related violence should always trump profits (regardless of when temporary mask mandates may apply). Therefore it is not good enough only to ban specific convicted passengers from flying again.

Did you know? During flight, air pressure is reduced and blood oxygen levels decrease. This affects how someone feels even worse drinking during a flight than drinking on the ground.

Alcohol available means violence available

“It is well-established that increases in the availability of alcohol contributes to increases in alcohol-related violence.
Research in Melbourne has found that there is a strong association between family violence and the concentration of off licence (packaged or take-away liquor outlets in an area. The study concluded that a ten per cent increase in off-licence liquor outlets is associated with a 3.3 per cent increase in family violence. Increases in family violence were also apparent with the increase in general (pub) licences and on-premise licences. In Western Australia, a study concluded that for every 10,000 additional litres of pure alcohol sold at an off-licence liquor outlet, the risk of violence experienced in a residential setting increased by 26 per cent.”

“There is also some research demonstrating the effects of changes to trading hours on family violence specifically. An evaluation of interventions in Tennant Creek, Northern Territory (NT) found that restricted hotel opening hours and restrictions on take-away sales on Thursdays led to a decline in admission to women’s refuges.

FARE, ‘National framework for action to prevent alcohol-related family violence’, June 2015, page 17.

WA premier says alcohol bans certainly reduce crime

WA Premier Colin Barnett says he would support permanent restrictions on buying alcohol in Port Hedland after takeaway sales were banned on Friday.

“I think that’s got a lot of merit, where alcohol bans have been put in place … it certainly reduces crime, it reduces domestic violence, kids go to school and communities are far better off,” Mr Barnett told reporters. Continue reading “WA premier says alcohol bans certainly reduce crime”

How George Foreman Quit Drinking

George Foreman says: how I quit drinking – former heavyweight boxing champion

On my nineteenth birthday, I got so drunk that I couldn’t remember what happened that night. The next day, I ran into my friend who had been badly beaten up. He had a swollen eye and other bruises. I asked what happened.

“Don’t you remember?” he asked. “You beat me up last night!”

That stunned me. It shook me so much that I decided to never take another drink of alcohol. And I never have since then. I wouldn’t be where I am today if I hadn’t quit smoking and drinking.

George Foreman, God In My Corner, Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 2007, p. 169.

Complete alcohol ban: violence out, schools up

The head of WA’s [Western Australia’s] Aboriginal Health Council is calling for alcohol to be made illegal in indigenous communities across the State as the Government considers implementing liquor bans in at least three more townships.

hand doing thumbs up signHenry Councillor said the early success of a complete alcohol ban imposed on the remote east Kimberley outpost of Oombulgurri should be held up as a model of what could be achieved in other communities [comment: indigenous or not].

Continue reading “Complete alcohol ban: violence out, schools up”