Danger: Reduced Abilities LONG AFTER Drinking

‘Researchers found that people with hangovers posed a danger to themselves and others long after their blood alcohol levels had returned to normal. Reduced cognitive abilities hampered routine day-to-day activities such as driving or office work.’

David Morgan, 2000, ‘Study: Light-to-Moderate Drinkers Hurting Selves, Society’, ‘Hangovers Cost $148B a Year’, Reuters.

‘87%’ alcohol problems

‘…Fifty-four percent of all alcohol-related problems in the workplace are caused by light drinkers, and 87% are caused by light-to-moderate drinkers.’

Dr. Jeffrey G. Wiese, Dr. Michael G. Shlipak, Dr. Warren S. Browner, 6 Jun. 2000, ‘The Alcohol Hangover’, Annals of Internal Medicine, Vol. 132 No. 11, pp. 897-902, American College of Physicians.

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